The last week of CredFest 2015 is upon us so don’t miss out on the last few events (see the calendar).

The final FREE party is from 7.30pm on Saturday 11 July in the Town Square with a full programme preceding the wonderful Electric Spank for us all to dance to in celebration.

Come and enjoy:

7:30 Moon Jazz and Blues Club

7:40 Intro and formal thanks to sponsors and volunteers

7:45 Moon Jazz and Blues Club

7:57 Short Story Competition Awards

8:08 Tae Kwon Do

8:20 Katharine Mitchell Dance Revolution

8:32 Crediton Youth Collective

8:43 Tai Chi

8:55 QE Chamber Music group

9:07 QE Dance Group ‘The Agony of War’

9:14 Crediton Youth Theatre: ‘Operation Belinda’

9:27 World Music Choir

10:00 Electric Spank live band and dancing

11:30 Finish