We had a great first meeting on Tuesday evening and events are already being put on the calendar – in pen! The festival will run throughout the month of June. Plans are to open with The Big Lunch on Sunday 2nd June, a great event to bring the community together, all started by the Eden Project in Cornwall. To see what its all about click this link: https://www.edenprojectcommunities.com/thebiglunchhomepage

As well as some of your fab new events – already in the planning stages – The Town Team are hoping to bring back some favourite events from last year, including the Open Air Cinema and Silent Disco. Other events like the Churches Family Fun Day, Sandford Craft Fair at Credfest and Busk It! are also on for a re-visit. CODS are also planning a big open air theatre production based on WW1 – watch this space!

We would love to have a calendar bursting with events, if you have a project already in the planning or ideas for doing something new then please get in touch. I’m always up for an excuse to get into a cafe so if you fancy a chat over a cuppa let me know and we can find a time to meet!

Please do come along to the next meeting – CredFest meetings are never longer than one hour so rest assured we aim to zip through things at a pace! Details below.

Date of Next Meeting

7pm, Wednesday 14th November
The Meadow Suite, Lords Meadow Leisure Centre

Meetings at the Council Chamber will sadly be a thing of the past…. but that’s another story….

Goodbye and thanks to all who organised, performed and visited – it was GREE-AA-T

The Crediton Festivals were brought to you by the Crediton Town Team. See what other projects are happening under that umbrella, such as: Flags, New Hub, St Boniface, Crediton Active Mums, Get Out …

Where it all happened

And the People’s Vote for the First Crediton Artists’ Town Trail in 2017 went to:

Aldona Radominska Mosaic Artist


The judges were unanimous in naming the winner of the third Crediton Short Story Competition as


Second Prize goes to Mary Sheehan with the delightful THE APPLE AND THE TREE

Third Prize goes to Frances Colville and the haunting ECHOES FROM THE SOMME
A huge thank you to everybody who entered and everybody who read, and in particular to our judges: Sally Flint, Geoff Fox and Andrew Davey.

To read the winner’s stories please go to to the short story page

Crediton Town Team

CredFest is a Town Team Project see more on www.creditontownteam.org.uk